Rebinding Services

Rebinds fall into several categories:

  • Rebinding an existing book as a special gift or presentation volume. (Her Majesty the Queen's library is the keeper of more than a dozen of such bindings we have undertaken).
  • Rebinding complete sets for uniformity, in a library, for example.
  • Repairing books of high sentimental value - family bibles being a regular item.
  • Rebinding, in batches, for academic libraries.

Some customers who have benefitted from our rebinding service include Max Hastings, The Stig, and One Direction.

For individual book repair and advice, please contact our sister company: The Index Bindery located on 6 Market Street, Ludlow, SY8 1BP. They will be happy to help with a price quote and detail the process for the repair of any book or collection of titles: 07599036615.

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Rebinding Services