No Need To Lie

We bound just 12 copies of this remarkable title, the first of the great modern fishing classics. The customer wanted to commemorate 50 years since its publication by producing a Super Deluxe Edition.

Quality control was of the upmost importance. Having purchased 20 First Editions, just 12 books made the cut. Phil removed the book blocks from the cases, careful to preserve the self-ends, so that the printed book block also provides the end pages.

Craftswoman Jemma Lewis designed the marbled papers especially for this Super Deluxe Edition. Jemma took her inspiration for the endpapers from the book itself, and came up with a bespoke design to complement the binding and colour pallet.

For the next step in the book binding process, Emma Kidson created the artwork for the blocking dies in order to have a neat frame that would enclose the printed image inlaid on the front of the book. Phil then expertly bound the book to produce this attractive result.

This title was incorporated within a rounded-spine Solander box, which was quarter bound in leather.

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No Need To Lie